We also refer to stewardship of treasure as part of our life. Our Biblical history instructs us to give to God a portion of what we have been given. Our parish committed to move away from special fund drives and depend only on parishioners living out the principles of stewardship as our means of parish financial support. We are also committed to living stewardship of treasure as a basic part of our parish outreach. Every week we share a "tithe" from our parish collections with those in need. This goes to charities, parishes in need, disaster relief, aid to the homeless, and other areas of service to God's people. We realize our obligation to share a portion of our parish resources with those in need first.

We are a parish committed to stewardship. We encourage each household to do the same. We welcome contributions of time and talent, and encourage percentage giving as a way of stewardship of treasure. Every year we ask each family to examine their circumstances, and make a decision as to what level of financial support they can give to the parish. We also encourage families to consider needs outside the parish. We suggest 5% of income to the parish and 4% to needs outside the Church and 1% to the Diocese of Rockford as a goal for donations. No gift of time, talent or treasure is insignificant. If each member of the parish shares a fraction of the gifts God has given, our parish and community will become even stronger. We are still growing on our road to stewardship as a way of life. We welcome you and look forward to growing together in the spirit.