Children's Liturgy of the Word



Every Sunday at the 9:30 AND 11:00 Masses for ages 3-6

We all know how difficult it is for little children to sit through a Homily. Trained and experienced adults will take the little ones for a “homily” of their own.  In addition to doing a craft, listening to the Gospel within their understanding, the children learn three important actions:  The Sign of the Cross, the Genuflection and how to fold their hands.  

Father or Deacon will invite the children to come forward --- anyone ages 3-6, who wants to --- and he will give them a special blessing. The facilitators will lead them to the Fr. Lonergan Room (next to the kitchen on the first floor) where they will be until the end of the Creed. Facilitators will bring the children back to the Church when everyone is again seated at the beginning of the Offertory. 

If you would like more information, please call Laura at the Parish Center 847-516-2636.